Friday, November 23, 2012


as this thanksgiving season comes to a close, we reflect on all we have and are so very grateful for the many blessings that heavenly father blesses us with. we are thankful for eternal families and for the knowledge we have that we will see sweet cooper again. we are eternally grateful for our savior and for his atonement- because without it, we would not have the knowledge we do that we will be able to live as a family again. we are thankful that through thick and thin, we know that we have each other.
we know that we have a heavenly father who knows and loves us, and we rely on him each and every day. we love when we can feel of coopers spirit and we know he is not far away.

we missed our little man as another year of christmas tree picking came around, but we know where he is and we know he probably picked out a large tree of his own; to decorate with chocolate and naked snow men (; 
let the christmas countdown begin. we turned on our lights and started the christmas decorating today!! we are so excited for this wonderful season full of cuddling, hot chocolate and our saviors love.

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