Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Easter

EASTER falls perfectly in the spring when everything around us seems fresh and new. Spring has come with the anticipation of beautiful weather. With it, also brings evidence to our souls that we have a Savior who LIVES. We love him. We know he LOVES us. Through Him, a more than perfect plan was put into place. CHRIST died for each of us. But more importantly, He was RESURRECTED. He made it possible for the Plan of Happiness to give us HOPE. Hope for blessings yet to come and an ETERNITY filled with FAMILY.

Easter morning, our family went up to the cemetery, (in our pajamas) with bubble wands that were left by the easter bunny. Cooper had received one from him pre-school teacher, Mrs. Shack last May. With many thoughts of him, we ran around with bubbles magically floating in the air. It was an incredible sight.

St. Patricks Day

So LUCKY to have an eternal family. We find joy in every day knowing we will be with Cooper again... Soon!

Valentines Day

Valentines... A time to reflect on those we love most. Cooper remains ever more in our HEARTS.

Christian Buss was Coopers best friend. He came to our home to play with Lincoln and Duncan one day. When he left, we found this drawing that he had created on Kennedy's art board.