Thursday, April 21, 2011

{as of now}

this month is easter. we are so lucky to have each other. we are so lucky to know that we have a savior who died for us so we could return to him again. we are so lucky to know that he was resurrected and that we will live again. we know that he lives, and as long as he lives, he loves us. we are so lucky for this gospel. it makes us all want to be better. we can not wait to see our little cooper again, and we cherish every memory and feeling that we have. we are so lucky to have had so many in the short time we had him on the earth.

this month, we also put coopie's little headstone in::

it is perfect, and it is even more beautiful than we imagined.
thank you to everyone who helped.

thank you for all of your love and support.
we love you


  1. I just want this amazing family to know how much I love you!! You have all been such an inspiration to me, and my heart breaks for you, but am so grateful for the gospel and eternal families!! Thank you for sharing such a hard, but spiritual experience with us all and reminding us to cherish our families everyday!! Love you guys!

  2. It turned out beautiful. Your strength is amazing.