Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cooper's Bench

Our experience with Cooper has definitely not been exclusive
to our family alone. Many many people whom we love and who have shown us extreme love in return, have shared their hearts with us, lightened our burdens, cried with us and mourned with us!
We still miss Cooper nearly every minute of everyday. But we are lifted and carried by those who have continued to extend their kindness towards our family. Let us share with you one of the most amazing things that has been done for us and has softened my heart each time I look at it...Coopers Bench!!
Our neighbors all contributed in giving us an incredible gift. They purchased a tree (which we can pick out in the spring) and with the meticulous creativity of Ben Sutorius and design of Jared Connor, a bench was made. It captures Cooper and his love for the outdoors PERFECTLY!! Ben fabricated it from steel rods and
molded them to look like the sticks that cooper loved collecting.
As you can see there is nothing in the world like it. Ben masterfully went to work and caught my vision ever more than I even expected. Its so perfect... more than perfect. Lastly the finishing touch. Shannon and Ben took Coopers flip flops, had a mold made and duplicated them in Bronze! (yes bronze!!) They sit perched on the bench as if cooper left them there and ran off to play.
There are no words to tell how my heart feels when I sit quietly on that sweet bench. Thank you to all my neighbors...especially Ben and Shannon. We love you all!

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  1. What a beautiful blog. I know many people who read this blog and have been very touched. Far more reaching then you'll probably know. We think of you often and love you all so much!