Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cooper's Heart

Paula Hart, a dear friend of ours, came to our home in early August. Our hearts connected and she experienced the sweet feeling of peace and reverence that resides in our home. Through her amazing talent, she was inspired to design a magnificent heart, which represents the change of heart we all have had because of Cooper's love.

We would like to share with you the sweet note that she sent to us after we received this beautiful heart:

August 13, 2009

Dear Quinn, Jana, Hunter, Carson, Kennedy, Duncan, Lincoln, and Cooper,

This whimsical, free form heart was a design I had been tinkering with for some time. Only very recently did I begin to apply it to some copper wire; twisting, bending, pulling, distressing, polishing, and transforming that simple wire into something special. Three weeks ago that wire heart was just another trial and error at the work bench.

After Cooper's accident, I searched my own heart for something, some token to share, to extend my love to all of you. On a whim, I put the two finished hearts I had on cords and threw them in my purse, thinking that they were far to simple to bring any comfort and that I possibly would decide not to share my homemade trinkets.

Upon arriving at your home, I knew I needed to share my simple gifts and when I gave Jana the heart, I found myself asking if we could call the design "Cooper's Heart". At the time I did not realize how much this would come to mean to me.

That evening in your home was one of the most sacred experiences of my life. The peace and comfort that filled me as I entered was amazing and I can only compare it to the feelings I have when I am in the temple. You were all yourselves, but there was an overwhelming feeling of love that wrapped itself around every breath. We were blessed by the invitation to stay for family prayer, and we were humbly taught as Quinn shared his testimony of Jesus Christ with a niece and nephew who were present.

This same amazing, enveloping comfort was freely offered at the funeral. There are no words to describe the spirit that was conveyed during that meeting.

To me, Cooper's heart has become a talisman. A physical reminder of who and what I have the potential to be if I choose to accept my divine heritage. It will forever remind me of the love, comfort, peace, and reverence I experienced while I was among you and the infinite love our Father in Heaven has for each of us.

Mere verbiage is far too limited to express my gratitude sufficiently for the beautiful gifts I have received from all of you. I love you, and again attempt to express my sincerest thankfulness for changing my life through your faith.


Paula Hart

You can view Cooper's Heart at or visit Paula's personal Blog at where you can see Cooper's heart in the right hand column of her page.

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